Freeman Shokudo | The most delicious “Spare Ribs” in Nishihara,Shibuya-ku.


Don’t you want to eat something delicious?

… Yeah..


There is always a line.

Let’s go to the Freeman Shokudo?

To Freeman Shokudo

I went to Freeman Shokudo, located a 3-minute walk (240 meters) from Hatagaya Station.

By the way,  there  is the  “您好” on the second floor of Freeman Shokudo.
“您好” is famous for dumplings.

Freeman Shokudo have some counter seats and table seats.
And there are counter seats outside.

More than half of the customers were foreigners, so everyone were spoken in English in this restaurant.
We felt like in foreign country.

Delicious Spare Ribs

The dish I ordered was the most popular Spare Ribs half size (2,800 yen) in this restaurant.

Plus one beer.

I could choose the beer from commercial refrigerator.
I ordered the beer of IPA.

I got immediately it after ordered.  Toast with beer from noon♪

Wait five minutes…

This is the main dish 🙂

First of all, I tried it without sauce.
This was lightly sprinkled with salt,
The outside of the meat was crispy, but the inside was very soft.

It was the delicious.

And the taste of the sauce looks like American, and this was also delicious.


Address: 2-27-4 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


I have understood there is always a line.
I recommend this restaurant to everyone with confidence.

Why don’t you go to the Freeman Shokudo?

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