Andaz | toast with a beautiful night view at ROOFTOP BAR


I want to go somewhere.

It is …. yes.

Don’t you go to the Andaz lounge?

It sounds great:)

To Andaz

We went to the Andaz Tokyo.

Andaz is directly connected to Toranomon Hills Station.
There is a signboard from Toranomon Hills Station to Andaz, so you won’t get lost.

Andaz is here to see ↓

We checked the body temperature in front of the elevator.

First, we went to the 51st floor.

There are sculptures and lighting in the elevator.
It’s fashionable.

We arrived at 51st floor.

Looked at ceiling-high floor.
We were so excited.

We went up one more floor to the 52nd.


We arrived at Andaz Lounge(ROOFTOP BAR).
We looked at the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower at ROOFTOP BAR.

We ordered two beers.
Beer glasses are so thin.
The beer tastes good

When it was getting dark, we could see a beautiful night view.   


You can see a beautiful night view in the lounge.

If you go drinking with her boyfriend / wife / husband / partner, you will feel the happiest 🙂

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